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세븐일레븐의 이토 회장께서 “비즈니스에 성공하려면 반 보 앞서야 한다.” 라는 말씀을 하셨습니다.
저희 비즈니스인사이트는 회사 이름에서 보듯이 한 보 먼저 보고, 고객사가 반 보 앞서 실행할 수 있는 방안을 제시함으로써

고객사의 성공을 돕는 파트너가 되고자 합니다.

비즈니스인사이트를 변함없이 아끼고 사랑하여 주시는 고객 여러분께 진심으로 감사드립니다.

Ito, chairman of 7-Eleven, said, “To succeed in Business, you have to be a half-step ahead.” Just as the company name Business Insight suggests, we want to be a partner to help our clients succeed by looking a step ahead and offering the ch+AK6ance to exceed the competition.

We sincerely thank our customers for your constant love and support toward Business Insight.
In the early days, due to lack of capacity and passion from the consulting firm, I had no choice but to watch our company face significant crisis even with the large investment.

Since then, I’ve made pledges in my heart. ‘Without success of clients, business shall not continue’, ‘Our business must provide much more value than what we have recieved from clients.’

Realizing the values of clients is a top priority for both Knowledge Service(Consulting, IT Service) and Platform Service(O2O Commerce) that we perform.
Our core values are “Strong company that provides practical value, Nice company that serves society, Good company that shares the value of its employees.”.

To be respected by our clients, To be Trusted by our partner companies, We will always move forward.

CEO Joon Kyung Sung    











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